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The Uvolt Watch

The Uvolt Watch is a wearable product that harvests clean energy. It seamlessly stores energy that can be used to charge any mobile device at anytime.

It takes its power from two energy sources: solar and wireless. By working in complementary fashion, they allow a constant charge regardless of the time or situation.

Uvolt harvests wireless energy by induction, and solar energy as you go about your day to charge a compact battery.

Uvolt can charge your mobile phone whenever, and wherever.

Use clean energy you harvest yourself.

Mission & Vision

Antony & Marc-Antoine Founders

We believe in an intelligent and refined future; our goal is to participate in shaping it. In accommodating the needs of a 21st century lifestyle, we deal in a very clean and simple way of energy consumption. In the process, we want to empower change and give everyone an opportunity to be part of the solution.

The Uvolt Watch will be the first of many smart pieces and we are confident Uvolt will have important in shifting how we have traditionally sourced and consumed energy.

Our Story

When Uvolt was first thought out by Antony as a High School project, many people did not understand how a mobile phone charger powered on the body’s energy could be feasible. However, by using the resources at his disposal, Antony was able to develop a functional prototype within a few months, an endeavour that immediately earned him several recognitions and prizes.

In April 2015, Antony and Marc-Antoine met during the final round of an entrepreneurial competition and quickly realized that they had complementary competencies and skills, but shared a similar vision: use technology to better the world we live in. In June of that year, Uvolt was founded. From that moment on, the uvolt team has expanded and continues to work to transform Antony’s science project into a viable, marketable product.


January 2014

Uvolt comes to life as an idea for a school science project.

May 2014

Uvolt's first bracelet prototype.

December 2015

A research team joins Uvolt.

May 2016

First Watch Prototype. Validation of Wireless Technology.

September 2016

Third prototype. Validation of solar technology.

October 2016

Final design of the Uvolt Watch.

November 2016

Confirmation of supply chain for the Uvolt Watch components.

December 2016

Low volume production of the Uvolt Watch.

January 2016

Validation, tests & certification of the Uvolt Watch.

February 2017

Kickstarter campaign.

Mai 2017

Production and packaging of the Uvolt Watch.

Summer 2017

First deliveries of the Uvolt Watch.

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