3 Resolutions We Should All Have for 2017

January 4, 2017

2016 was a year when it comes to clean energy innovation. We have seen Tesla breakthrough with their new solar roofs. We have seen solar panel prices go down. And we have seen first image of the Uvolt Watch.

This New Year, it is time to go even further. Let’s all take action in our own little way. In 2017, let’s make history. Here are some resolutions that could have a huge impact if we all come together to do our part.

Leave your car parked at home

A car is without a doubt the fastest way to move around, in theory. Have you ever seen Montreal’s roads, though? It takes hours to cross the city or to get in from the suburbs.

There is a solution, however. Taking the train from the suburbs is the most comfortable and reliable way to get downtown. It’s faster than being in traffic and you can sit comfortably and listen to music or work on your computer.

Within the city itself, in the winter it’s best to take the metro or the bus. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it goes almost anywhere. The only issue with the bus is reliability. You should check out our fellow Montreal-based startup Transit. They’ll make sure you never miss the bus again!

In the summer, you should take your bike! It’s fast, doesn’t have recurring costs and it gets you in shape! Wonder how you could get around without knowing exactly where every place is at all times? Make sure you check out our friends at Smarthalo. They’ll make your bike a smart bike without having to break the bank!

Eat more veggies

It’s not about being a vegan necessarily, but it’s a fact that eating meat pollutes more than eating veggies. It uses more water, it’s a dirtier process and it consumes much more resources.

If you just can’t let go of meat, try taking little steps. For example, when you start feeling hungry, take smaller snacks. It’s healthier for your body and it’s cheaper for your wallet.

If you’re looking for new, innovative alternatives to what you already know, check out Oatbox. They are revolutionizing the way we consume healthy food!

Get your Uvolt Watch!

2017 is also the year we will start taking pre-orders for the Uvolt Watch. If you want to have a positive impact on your environment in your daily life without having to think about it, make sure you stay tuned and pre-order your watch on Kickstarter in March!

From all of us at Uvolt, we wish you all the best for 2017. Love, happiness, and most of all, lots and lots of work!

Happy New Year!

The Uvolt Team