The Future of Uvolt

January 19, 2017

It’s fair to say the Uvolt team has not slept much lately. Of course, our newest batch of prototypes are coming to life, so our engineers are working tirelessly to make it happen. Meanwhile, the marketing team is working countless hours, preparing for the tipping-point in Uvolt’s journey as a company : the Kickstarter campaign.

But what happens once we reach our Kickstarter goals, mass produce the Uvolt Watch and start generating revenue? Does it end there? Of course not.

At this point you’re all aware of why we’re doing this. We want to empower change. We want to make renewable energy more practical and accessible in your everyday lives.

The question is, how? Our first product brings solar energy at the heart of a simple solution to a common problem. You’re going to wear a watch anyway, why not wear one that can charge your smartphone? That’s exactly why we thought of such a concept. We want to make products you’re going to use regardless of any added benefits, and make them more useful thanks to renewable energy.

There are so many directions we could take, so many ideas we could have. For now, once the Uvolt Watch is officially on the market, we are thinking about making more consumer products that bring renewable energy, as mentionned earlier, at the heart of a simple solution to a common problem. This objective is what guides us when we brainstorm about future applications for our technology.

We could also make innovate to make those solutions more practical. For example, energy storage is a key aspect of the solutions we want to bring to life. We could innovate by increasing the storage capacity of the products we make.

The essence of our mission is to make electricity accessible to all at their will. In some regions of the world, people have restricted access to power sources. We want to use renewable energy to make their lives easier.

After all, Uvolt is more than just a business. We want to have an impact on how we consume energy. This would not be possible without all the support we receive from the community. We would be more than happy to hear your thoughts about Uvolt. Have any ideas you would like to share with us? Let us know! You’re a crucial part of our team, and our doors are open at all times to chat

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We look forward to discussing.

The Uvolt Team