Our mission

At Uvolt, we want to make renewable energy more accessible and more practical. The Uvolt Watch is more than a useful product. It is a statement. Be a pioneer of clean energy by making it a part of your everyday life. The Uvolt Watch will be the first of many smart pieces and we are confident Uvolt will have an important role in shifting how we have traditionally sourced and consumed energy.

How it all started

When Uvolt was first thought out by Antony Diaz as a High School project, many people did not understand how a mobile phone charger powered on the energy around us could be feasible. However, by using the resources at his disposal, Antony was able to develop a functional prototype of a charger powered by his body heat within a few months, an endeavour that immediately earned him several recognitions and prizes. 

In April 2015, Antony and Marc-Antoine Bonin met during the final round of an entrepreneurial competition and quickly realized that they had complementary competencies and skills, but shared a similar vision: use technology to better the world we live in. In June of that year, Uvolt was founded. From that moment on, the Uvolt team has expanded and continues to work to transform Antony’s science project into the viable, marketable product that is the Uvolt Watch.

Antony Diaz
Marc-Antoine Bonin
Chief Operating Officer
Marc-Alexandre Delage
Chief Marketing Officer
Ibtissam Kaissoumi
Chief Technology Officer
Francis Dakin-Côté
Design and Communications
Rodrigo Sergio Eguren R.
Design and Communications
Emeric Noël
Digital Marketer
Arvin Khalesi
Digital Marketer
Audrey St-Jean
Ambassador Program Manager
Manuel Bourgault
Electrical Engineering
Maxime Moreau
Mechanical Engineering